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We facilitate the best fit
for leaders
to the position, company culture and strategy
We increase
effectiveness of leaders
We support
leadership development
We help to utilize
full potential of the employees
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we work in the CEE region
in career change

Leadership development


Introduction of the mentoring program in the organisation. The participation of managerial staff in the programme to develop their competencies as mentors in the organisation. Providing the managerial staff with mentoring/coaching tools in order for them to conduct mentoring processes independently.


Support of managerial staff in discovering their full potential and how to use it in the role of a mentor.


    • Diagnosis of personality traits of managerial staff participating in the programme using world-class capacity assessment tools.
    • Individual development sessions to show the managerial staff their strengths and to-date factors of their professional success.
    • Joint definition, fine-tuning and in-depth understanding of talents and skills that will be helpful in the role of a mentor.
    • A closer look at how talents shape the sense of influence, efficiency and empowerment; what impact they have on the people we manage, as well as how they can influence the relationship with potential mentee.
    • Increasing awareness of areas for change and readiness for further development.
    • Support in increasing the sense of confidence in the new role of a mentor.