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About company

20 years in business
My name is Sylwia Fronc and I am Managing Partner at the Revest Capital. I have over 20 years of business experience– previously at the international corporations but also as a stand-alone expert, and now within the structure of Revest Capital.
I encourage you to reach out to me directly. By using our competencies, knowledge and experience, your company will:
  • we will effectively recruit leaders to your industry,
  • increase the efficiency of your leaders and managers,
  • correctly adapt and match employees to their roles, strategy and culture of the company,
  • manage more effectively the development of leaders and managers using their full potential.
20 years in business
Investment industry
Beginning of my career marks co-operation with the Private Equity investment team at Advent International.
Investment industry
Recruitment of the best
After finishing 5 years at Advent International, working with the Private Equity funds as an expert in recruiting the best people to their investment teams in Poland and abroad.
Recruitment of the best
Leaders’ potential
Advisory practice related to the assessment and development of the competences of managerial and management staff, as well as the diagnoses of the effectiveness of management teams. Worked hundreds of hours with leaders on their professional development.
Leaders’ potential
Tools for experts
This advisory practice was based on the world-class psychometric tools, which I brought to the Polish market from the UK and deployed it at over 60 companies during the last 10 years.
Tools for experts
Work experience for demanding customers
I have worked with the largest companies in Poland as well as abroad from such industries as: pharmaceutical, financial, insurance, FMCG, energy, IT, publishing, production; and others. I have conducted diagnoses of thousands of leaders/managers in various companies to assess their potential.
Work experience for demanding customers